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Virtual Office Hours: Building Student Success



What is your most difficult challenge when teaching Developmental Math?         

The most common answer we hear from instructors is keeping students engaged and motivated to progress through their math course.


We know teaching for success in mathematics can be difficult and time consuming. Now Cengage offers two great solutions for boosting student progress in mathematics.


Join Cengage Learning for an engaging session to learn from our current users, first-hand, how MindTap Math Foundations or WebAssign can build student confidence and accelerate progress in mathematics.

You’ll explore today’s most exciting digital solutions for Developmental Math. MindTap Math Foundations shows early positive outcomes and incorporates the most innovative solutions to boost success in Basic Math/Arithmetic, PreAlgebra, Beginning Algebra and Intermediate Algebra. WebAssign delivers a trusted solution for keeping students on the right track to success in mathematics – from basic operations to quadratic equations and beyond.


Cengage Learning Hosts Developmental Math Virtual Office Hours: Building Student Success.

Presented by: 


  • Brien Dunn, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Louisiana Delta Community College
  • Michael Lafreniere, Associate Professor Environmental Engineering Technology and Mathematics from Ohio University-Chillicothe Campus
  • Dr. Paul Nolting, Author, Learning Specialist and Adjunct Professor at Hillsborough Community College in Florida

These professional educators, authors and faculty partners are experts in student success and ready to support you with peer-to-peer guidance.


Not sure you can attend? Register anyway! We'll email you the recorded session so you can watch or listen on your time.