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RELEASE DATES: When You Can Expect to See the Fresh, New Look of WebAssign

We’ve been hard at work improving the new look and feel of WebAssign for students….so what does this mean? It means that we will begin releasing the new experience this summer in phases while ensuring student learning remains un-interrupted.


TPM.pngClick here to watch a brief 2-minute introductionA Brief Recap

As the WebAssign development team shared in our live webinar on March 14th, we take a customer centric approach when developing new features by testing them with active users during the development phase. That means we’ve had students in several pilot courses using the new experience throughout this past spring term.


This development strategy allows us to test and monitor changes to see how they may impact system performance and the user experience, while collecting customer feedback to shape our product. The result? A significant reduction in risk during rollout to all customers and output that meets our customers’ needs.


So, what have we heard from students who’ve been using the new experience this spring?



The new one makes it easier to focus on what you need to get done and find it faster.

It's much more user friendly, and easy to navigate with a sleeker design. 

It is easier to check your progress while working on the assignment.

These are features I didn’t know existed in the old layout. Much more user friendly.

This makes it much easier to determine due dates, causing much less time searching for the assignment’s submission date.

 I think this is such a wonderful resource and I love the linkages that help students and users navigate and complete tasks much easier!

 As a previous and current user of WebAssign for assignments, I have really enjoyed and probably favorite WebAssign as a study interface. Keep up the great work!

I find WebAssign well designed and a much easier user interface than most.


Phase 1 – Students Can Opt-In

In June, we will release the new experience to all students using WebAssign. However, like many modern tech companies, students can now opt-in to the new WebAssign experience. Alternatively, if they are comfortable with their current experience and don’t want to change, they can stay the course. Once they decide to opt-in, they can always revert back.


Phase 2 – Students Can Opt-Out

In July, we turn the new experience on for all students. Again, if they want to go back to the old experience, they are given the option of doing so. We believe in student choice!


Why the two phases?


For two critical reasons focused on optimizing the learning experience:

  • To accommodate each individual student’s preference. We want to ensure they stay focused on learning their course material in whatever environment suits them best.
  • To monitor the release of the experience with a sub-segment of the larger user base so we can gather initial feedback and analyze system performance to ensure a smooth onboarding experience for all users this fall term


More Student Improvements

In addition to enhancing the student experience in WebAssign, we are also enhancing their entire Cengage experience. Enhanced navigation is being added to all major Cengage platforms and the student dashboard, enabling students to easily access their Cengage courses and learning platforms without leaving a single point of entry.


[Note: This enhancement will roll out to students at higher education institutions in the United States and will only appear for students enrolled in a WebAssign course using content from a textbook published by Cengage.]


Summer Release Timeline

Release schedule.pngRelease schedule



What is the Webassign New Student User Experience?

The completely new student user experience will provide students with the following:

  • Easier to use interface: Modern, easy to use look and feel starting with the Home page and the Assignment experience to engage students at all levels in the learning process
  • Improved access: Meets or exceeds today’s Web Accessibility standards, including support for screen-readers and keyboard users
  • Improved usability: Assignments autosave to prevent loss of work and provide a seamless testing experience
  • Added flexibility: Upgraded responsiveness for improved learning experience across devices types
  • More value: Cengage enhanced navigation simplifies access to your Cengage courses and valuable study resources (for students at US higher education institutions and using Cengage textbooks)

How Will Students Be Notified They Can Switch to The New Student Experience?

Students will receive a WebAssign system notification alerting them to this option. They can also click on the ‘Switch to new interface’ option anytime in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage.


Switch to new interface.pngSwitch to new interface

How Will Students Be Notified That They Are Now in The New Student Experience by Default?

When they access WebAssign for the first time after it goes live, they will be welcomed to the new experience while also being provided the option to continue using the old interface.


Student welcome to new interface.pngWelcome to new interface

Can Students Switch to The Old Interface at Any Time?

Yes, for a limited time, students can simply choose to ‘Switch to old interface’ on their homepage.


Switch to old interface.pngSwitch to old interface

What is Cengage Enhanced Navigation?

It is a mobile-responsive sidebar which enables students to move between their courses in platforms like WebAssign, MindTap, SAM and the Cengage student dashboard in LMS and non-LMS environments. Cengage Unlimited subscribers also get the most value out of their subscription with a quick-access menu and timely links to college success and career-readiness tutorials—and more.


This enhanced functionality will only appear for students at higher education institutions in the United States and will only appear for students enrolled in a WebAssign course using content from a textbook published by Cengage.


Cengage enhanced navigation.pngCengage enhanced navigation expanded

Cengage enhanced navigation collapsed.pngCengage enhanced navigation collapsed

Where Can Students Access the Cengage Enhanced Navigation in WebAssign?

Students will only see the Cengage enhanced navigation on their WebAssign homepage and will not have access to it while working on assignments.



We hope you’re as excited as us to see and experience the new user experience enhancements. The Cengage WebAssign team is working hard to expand the fresh, modern new look and feel throughout the entire student experience in the coming months. Students will enjoy an even more engaging and intuitive learning experience, making them ever more unstoppable!


Your partners in education,

The Cengage WebAssign Team