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Top 11 "How to's" for Everyday

Now that your course is underway, here are some basic How to’s to help you quickly accomplish the basic tasks during the semester.   This is great resource to share with TA's, GA's and others that are helping manage large courses, as well as any WebAssign user hoping to make their time spent with WebAssign even more efficient.


Let's get started with our Top 11 (we tried for 10!) how to's...


Assignment re-scheduling:

1. How to change assignment due dates


Extending assignment due dates

2. How to respond to Manual Extension requests

3. How to forward Manual Extension requests to a private email address

4. How to enable Automatic Extension requests

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Managing student scores

5. How to view student scores

6. How to adjust student scores

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Provide customized student support

7. How to use Class Insights to pinpoint where to offer interventions at the class and student level

8. How to check how often students are signing in and submitting assignments to track engagement

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9. How to view and respond to Ask My Teacher messages

10. How to forward Ask My Teacher messages to a private email address

11. How to answer or disable private messages

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