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Did you know… WebAssign is a fully customizable platform? WebAssign empowers instructors to tailor their courses to specific teaching or learning styles. To help you get started, we’ll continually update this post with answers to instructors’ frequently asked questions.



[November 15, 2019] Did you know… you can schedule group work within your WebAssign course?


Lightbulb.pngGroup work allows you to assign labs or shared assignments to encourage collaboration and discussion between students.


To schedule group work within WebAssign, choose the assignment you’d like to use and click ‘edit restrictions’. Within the ‘Edit Restrictions,’ page, you’ll be able to select ‘Group Assignment.’ From there you’ll organize your students into groups by creating your own groups through the ‘Group Creation Tool’, or allowing WebAssign to randomly assign groups. Once the groups are set up and the assignment is scheduled, only one student from each group will need to submit their group’s work. Don’t forget to tell your students which group they’re in!


Pro Tip: You can even change scores for individual group members if a student didn’t contribute.




[November 1, 2019] Did you know… you can assign the Personal Study Plan to your students for a grade?


Lightbulb.pngIf you’re looking for ways to increase student success and engagement, the Personal Study Plan (PSP) is a great resource to assign to your students for practice or a grade. It helps students easily identify which sections of the textbook they need to work on, and provides a customized selection of resources based on their performance.


To assign the PSP to your students, you’ll need to first check to make sure it’s available for your course and enable it. Then, you’ll be able to assign the Personal Study Plan for credit, or for practice. If you plan to use the PSP as a study guide, you can even flag key concepts so your students can prioritize their study time.




[October 18, 2019] Did you know… Ask Your Teacher notifications can be sent to your email?


Lightbulb.pngThe Ask Your Teacher feature is a great way to improve student-teacher communication and allows you to see the exact assignment and problem your student may be struggling on. To make sure you don’t miss a message, you can forward the message notifications to your email address so you’re alerted when a student has a question.


Pro Tip: Schedule online office hours and tell your students when you’ll be available to help them on assignments. This will ensure you have your laptop handy when questions come up and eliminate the need to be ‘always on’ to support struggling students.





[October 4, 2019] Did you know… you can help your students format their answer correctly?


Lightbulb.pngHow many times has a student said, “I got the answer wrong because I wrote it as a fraction instead of a decimal… but isn’t it still correct?” Avoid these future questions by displaying the Answer Format Tip for questions. Answer Format Tips are hints used to guide your students in understanding what kind of answer is expected, such as ‘enter a number,’ when they navigate to an answer box. This functionality can be turned on or off for any assignment or class section.   


This tool is usually automatically enabled, however if you don't see it appearing or would like to alter the settings for an assignment, view the help page for instructions.




[September 20, 2019] Did you know… the ‘help’ button directs you to a guide for WebAssign?


Lightbulb.pngThe help button located in the top right of the WebAssign platform is actually a how-to guide for everything you may need to do in your course. ‘Help’ can answer simple questions like how to create an assignment or change a due date and it can assist you in navigating more complicated topics like customizing your course with self-created questions or embedding media. As a bonus, most topics also have related links at the bottom of each help page to further support you in finding the resource you need.


To use this tool, click ‘help’ on your WebAssign homescreen  (or use the quick link here) and type a topic in the search box. The search will open a drop down and you can easily click the topic you’d like to learn more about.



Have a question? Post it in the comments and you may see your answer in a future update.