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3 ways to help students with online office hours in WebAssign


When students are on their own, they may get frustrated when they can't figure out how to solve a problem. Online learning platforms offer a variety of ways to help students stay confident, get help and avoid giving up.


In the video above, Dr. Willem Wallinga at Fisher College details how he uses the Ask Your Teacher functionality within WebAssign to help students virtually outside of class.


1. When the student is stuck...

If a student is continually trying the problem and can't seem to figure out what they're doing wrong, they can easily message the instructor right within the question.

AYT 1.png 

2. ...the instructor is notified and can see all previous submissions...

The instructor receives a message in WebAssign (or their e-mail, should they choose) that tells them who the student is and what section they're in. It takes them to the question the student is having trouble with and allows them to see their previous attempts to get an idea of where they're having trouble.

AYT 2.png 


3. ...the instructor and student can work out the problem entirely within the assignment.

Ask Your Teacher effectively makes office hours digital so that students can get quick feedback without the need for face to face context.


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