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3 Ways to Fuel Student Practice for Midterm Success

There IS a solution to help students improve their performance on midterms: Practice.


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Practice may not always lead to perfect, however, it can build student confidence while refreshing them on topics covered earlier in the course that are included on the midterm.


Here are 3 ways to maximize students’ opportunities in WebAssign to get the practice they need while focusing their efforts on where they need it most.


Build Cumulative Practice Exams


By setting up practice exams with algorithmically generated problems, you can enable endless practice opportunities!  Keep track of engagement in your gradebook and use student engagement to inform 1-1 discussions with struggling students. Check out tips on setting up effective skills practice assignments.


Here’s how to set up a new assignment category in your gradebook for practice assignments!


Show them how to use My Class Insights 


My Class Insights is personalized to each student – giving them guidance on which concepts they need to practice based on their own performance on previously assigned and completed work. 


Get them using this valuable tool by showing them this video – it’s only 1 minute 32 seconds!


Enable the Personal Study Plan (PSP) where available 


The PSP uses short, randomized practice and chapter quizzes to evaluate students’ knowledge of specific concepts and textbook sections and then suggests tutorial materials that address the specific areas where they are having difficulty.


First, see if you have a PSP available in your course…if yes, then, follow these 3 steps to enable the PSP for your students.


Share some of these tips for using the Personal Study Plan Strategies with your students


Bonus: you can easily turn on and off topics to focus students study time plus track individual student performance by chapter.



Want more tips or step-by-step instructions on any of these suggestions? Simply go to the online Instructor Help and search for any term!