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3 Steps to Cut Your Course Prep Time in Half – or More!

You have your syllabus ready to go, now you just have to build out your assignments, right?  


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Stop! What if your assignments were already built for you?


For most Cengage WebAssign titles, we’ve done the work for you!  Available in Course Packs, we’ve had experts -- experienced WebAssign adopters and subject matter experts -- carefully craft assignments that cover your course spectrum. 


You can schedule select assignments from a Course Pack to augment your existing course or use Course Packs by themselves to build a complete set of course assignments. Want to customize a Course Pack? No problem. You control your students’ experience with the ability to modify every assignment:

  • Schedule only the assignments you want to use
  • Use Course Pack assignments by themselves or along with your own assignments
  • Edit Course Pack assignments as needed to add or remove questions or change assignment settings


In summary, Course Pack assignments:

  • save you time when creating a new course in WebAssign
  • usually include assignments of different kinds, including learning assignments, labs, and quizzes
  • use randomized textbook questions to deter cheating
  • are created with contemporary pedagogical approaches that have been tested in the classroom


Let’s get started!


Step 1: Preview Available Course Pack Assignments for Your Course

Open the Class Schedule page.

Class Schedule.pngNavigate to Class Schedule from homepage

Then click on the blue action menu button to access the menu and choose Course Packs.

Course Pack Button.pngBlue action menu button

Preview assignments in the Course Pack.

Course Pack Assignments.pngClick on assignment name to preview

Note, you may have multiple course packs available for either a single title or if you have more than one title included in your course! Yes, you can add more than one. This is especially helpful for corequisite courses where we supply separate Course Packs for the credit and prerequisite courses.

Multiple Course Packs.pngScroll through all available course packs

TIP: For corequisite courses, you can assignment content in the same class or separate support/credit classes to meet your implementation needs. Ask your Learning Consultant for details!


Step 2: Add Course Pack Assignments

This is easy! While on the preview page, decide if you want this Course Pack. Not sure you want all of it? That’s ok. Simply add it to your account, and then schedule only the content you choose. Ready?


Scroll to bottom of assignment list and choose Add Course Pack Assignments


Add Course Pack.pngAdd the Course Pack to your account


Step 3: Schedule Course Pack Assignments

Once you’ve added a Course Pack to your account, you can see that the assignments are now listed in your unscheduled assignments list in your Class Schedule. Now you can choose to go back and add additional Course Packs by following the above steps or start scheduling.


To start scheduling, let’s first filter your assignments to Course Pack assignments.

Course Pack Assignment List.pngFilter assignments by Course Pack assignments

Now drag your desired assignments to the appropriate week in the Schedule panel.


Assignment Scheduler.pngDrag your assignments to the preferred week in your schedule

TIPS: Before you schedule your assignments, decide when you want them due each week and when students can see them. Here are some tips:

  • Schedule the same time(s) each week so students have a consistent due date and time to manage their homework schedule.
  • Schedule at least ½ hour in advance of your class or meeting times so you can review the Class Insights to identify where your students struggled and performed well to focus your instruction where needed – spend less time on what they know so you can move on to advanced topics!
  • Make assignments viewable a few days or weeks before they open so you don’t overwhelm students at the beginning of the term.

Assignment due date and time.pngAssignment due and availability options


Step 4 (OPTIONAL): Edit your Course Pack assignments

You can choose to use your Course Pack assignments as is, or you can edit them quickly and easily. Navigate to your assignment list – to see only assignments for this class, select your class from the homepage.


TIP: To quickly navigate to your class, use the Jump to Class menu!

Jump to Class Navigation.pngJump to class navigation

Here you likely have to click Future Assignments to access your new assignments. From here, click edit to start adding, deleting or modifying questions in your assignments.

Class assignment list.pngClass assignment listTIP: Need more help creating and editing assignments? Start here in the online Instructor Help guide


Step 5 (OPTIONAL): Change or create your assignment templates

To ensure your new Course Pack assignment settings - including # submissions, scoring, randomization and so much more - meet your preferences, review the Assignment Template.


Go to Assignment Templates under Assignments in the menu:


Assignment Templates.pngAccess Assignment Templates from the menu

You can choose to use stay with the default template or choose from an array of alternate existing templates as well! Click on the plus sign next to the template name to review all settings. Choose Apply to in order to apply template to assignments if you decide to change your template for some or all assignments.


Default templates.pngMultiple default templates are readily available

Or choose to create a New Template!

New Template.pngCreate your own templateNow customize your template to meet your course needs. Need more advice? Check out the Instructor Help starting here for each segment of the template. 

Edit Template.pngEdit assignment template

Click Save.


Congratulations! Now you have your own template!


You can choose to set as the default template, edit it, or use it right now by applying it to your Course Pack assignments with the Apply to button and filtering to the correct assignments:



My Template.pngDon't forget to apply your new template!


Want more help?

Visit our Instructor Help for more details.


Now, go and be unstoppable with your free time!