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3 Peer Tips to Maximize the WebAssign GradeBook

You have the power to tailor your course to fit the unique needs of your course and your students. In the video below, Robert Banik of Mississippi State University delves into three best practices for setting up a GradeBook to keep track of student progress.


  1. Customize the Basic Settings
    • You decide the days and times that the Gradebook will update, as well as what categories to include. Make sure the gradebook reflects your class by exploring basic settings.
  2. Final Grade and Grading Scale
    • You have control over not only the categories to include in the gradebook, but also set the minimum score for each letter grade.
  3. Categories and Student View
    • Dive into each category to tailor the weighting for each assignment and control what data students see from their side.

You can edit your GradeBook settings at any time before the end of a course. Some GradeBook settings, like weighting or dropping individual assignments, can be configured only after the GradeBook is set up and assignments are scheduled.



For more information on tailoring your GradeBook, click here.

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