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WebAssign: Sign-In With Your Email Address
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Check out the email sign-in process for WebAssign:


Sounds like @Ryan_Ahern did a great job with the narration!






Excellent video @Ryan_Ahern. Quick question, will this have any impact on the ability to enroll students in a webassign course via uploading a roster?


Hey @bwagner!


This won't really disrupt that process. The students will receive their WebAssign account info from the instructor and will then be prompted to link to their Cengage account. If they don’t have an active Cengage account, they will simply be prompted to create one. Here’s the flow for students who are rostered ahead of the course beginning—


  1. An instructor hands out WebAssign accounts (with username, institution, password) beforehand 
  2. The students will enter their WebAssign account information on the login page
  3. The students will then be prompted to link an existing or create a new Cengage account.
  4. They will be informed that they should use the Cengage account when logging in. 

When they create their cengage account, will they be forced to use the email address asigned by the instructor? In the past we've had students sign up for accounts using personal email address which creates problems since all school related correspondence is supposed to occur either through the platform directly or using their assigned school email, by school policy.


When enrolling a student I can use their school email, however, if they can choose a different email address when either linking, or creating a new Cengage account, it woud defeat the purpose of me enrolling the students.


Hey @bwagner



So yes, students will be able to create their Cengage account with whatever e-mail address they choose. I really do understand your issue here. However, I believe that your communications through the platform will still go through the email address that you initialy enrolled them in. That is to say, if you send a communication through the platform to your students, they should get it at that school e-mail.


We're checking with support on this issue on your behalf. I'll let you know any further updates.