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Video Library of WebAssign "Best" Practices
Valued Contributor

Hello Everyone,


Thought I would share a video I made in hopes of spurring ideas how we might create a faculty-driven resource of our practices using WebAssign.  This video pertains to gradebook settings, yet I can foresee videos on assignment creation, question authoring, and resource embedding.



Where could such a compilation of videos reside? A YouTube playlist? A YouTube Channel?  Not sure where to go from here...



Valued Contributor

Here's another example of what I have in mind. A great video on question authoring from @Scott_Crawford. He's using student answers to drive the flow of the question interaction with the student in statistics.  Neat work! (nice intro sound track, too)



I think I'd disagree with your choice of "use only past due assignments" vs "use all assignments".


You're right that a takes an exam and says "Hey, I was at 90% for my grade, and I took an exam that's only worth 20% of my grade but my grade has now dropped to 30%?"   Then I have to respond with "Yeah, let me show you the math with the weighting".  And yes it's a pain.


But on the other hand with that running average a student gets a feel for the predicted grade they should be getting.  I'll admit the prediction isn't that good until after an exam (or two) specifically because of this heavy weighting issue.   But if a student is on track to be getting a C, and that's not acceptable, let's make sure they know where they are as early as possible.  If they're borderline A/B right before the final that can encourage them to study a little harder to try to get that grade up.    And if they're not predicted to pass the class I want them to be informed early.


With the "all assignments" option it makes it look like they're flunking until they finally take the final exam to get the last 25%.  If I'm wrong about that let me know, but that's the reason I don't use that option.