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The End of the Semester is Near: Tips for faculty and students
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With the end of the semester in sight and our energy feeling a little low, it’s important that we all (faculty and students) finish out strong.  Here are some tips for both faculty and students to finish out the semester with ease:


For faculty:

  • Enable the textbook Resources and Personal Study Plan (if available) – the textbook resources include lecture videos for each section of the text while the Personal Study Plan provides a place for students to watch brief tutorials and attempt practice quizzes for each section or a big chapter quiz. You can also add your own resources to the course and more information on how to do that can be found here in the instructor guide.

See how to enable the textbook resources

See how to enable the Personal Study Plan


  • Class Insights – this is an excellent diagnostic tool for you to determine what your students may be struggling with. You can see how many questions were flagged, choose to look at when they got the answer correct (first, second, or any attempt), and you get a detailed breakdown for each question.  The screenshot below shows how for an assignment you can see a question by question breakdown and a percentage bar indicating how many got a question correct on a certain attempt (different shades of green) or if they didn’t get it correct at all (indicated in red).


Class Insights Screen Shot.png


See how to use Class Insights


  • Extensions – allowing extensions on assignments gives students an opportunity to improve their overall grade and have a forum to practice their skills. You can set up manual extensions to allow students to go ahead and have the extension when they need it, and on your terms. 

See the instructor guide here for more information on automatic extensions.


  • Gradebook – having your gradebook set up in WebAssign is an excellent way to ensure that your students are seeing an up-to-date grade for their assignments in WebAssign. This will also ensure that submission of final grades is a lot easier on you. You can do this by using the Gradebook Wizard.

Reference the instructor guide here on using the Gradebook.



For students:

  • Resources – when available, remind/show your students that the textbook resources include short lecture videos for each section. While they are studying for your final exam, they may find it helpful to get a quick version of what you discussed in detail in class several weeks ago.  They can also view any other resources you may have made available.


  • Personal Study Plan – remind/show them that the Personal Study Plan is available for their use and doesn’t count towards their overall WebAssign grade. This practicing environment allows them to watch brief tutorials for each section within the text and provides section quizzes and chapter quizzes.  They can take these multiple times and really tighten up their skills. You can show this by accessing the Student View in class.


  • My Class Insights – on their main screen they have a link to “View My Class Insights” which will take them to their detailed performance breakdown. Similar to the faculty side, it shows them what they may need to go back and review or spend a bit more time on while studying.  They can expand each assignment and see which problems need practice and it will provide a link for them to practice those particular questions, as seen below.


Student Class Insights Screen Shot.png



Check out the instructor guide to WebAssign here to find details about each of the topics discussed above and any other inquiries you may have: