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Online Data-Gathering Activity on Eyewitness Memory

There's an online activity discussed in a post in our Psychology blog that you might want to use in a statistics class. The activity stems from research showing that the way a car accident is described to witnesses affects their perception and memory of the incident. Specifically, telling witness that one car "smashed" into another causes them to believe that the car was going faster than if you tell witnesses that one car "hit" another.


The activity involves students being separated into two groups. Both groups watch the same video of a car accident and both are asked to respond to a one-question survey about how fast they thought one of the cars was going. At the end of the activity the results from participants are shown in a Google Spreadsheet.  Feel free to copy the data from this spreadsheet and have students perform descriptive and inferential analyses on the data. A t-test on the average speed estimate between the two groups would be appropriate to apply here. 


Students will have some fun, be engaged, and analyze an interesting dataset. Here's the link that goes directly to the activity:


Online Activity on Eyewitness Accuracy


If you'd like to get a copy of the Google Sites, Forms and Spreadsheets that were used to create this activity, feel free to email the Community Manager, Michael Britt: