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Identifying US States - Online Data-Gathering Activity

Many Americans are not so skilled at being able to identify where exactly some states are located in the country. This fact makes for a prime opportunity to gather data from students and to do some analyses on this data. 


Here's an online version of an activity described in Activity 3.1 (Identifying States) in Statistics and Data Analysis 5e by Peck, Olsen and Devore). The authors describe how you can assist students in gathering and analyzing data they get from other students on their knowledge of the location of Vermont and Nebraska. This version of that activity was created using a Google Form and a Google Spreadsheet. The form asks students to identify whre they think Vermont and Nebraska are located on a map of the US. Their answers are sent to the spreadsheet.


Click here to check out the activity. Feel free to copy the data you see in the Responses area (after you click Submit). Peck, et. al, suggest asking students to construct a pie chart and calculate proportions.





We're happy to share the Google form and spreadsheet so that you can copy these files into your own Google account and collect your own data (after you add the files to your Drive, simply delete the data that has already been collected).


Click here to get the shared link to our Google folder containing these two files. After you click the link, select the "Move to My Drive" option.





Feel free to use the data collected on the spreadsheet in a WebAssign question or assignment!


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