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Getting started creating questions in WebAssign

Let's face it - no one can write questions for your students better than you.  You can use your own notation, you can make it relevant to them, and best of all you can pit  Darth Vader against Voldemort.


But it can be daunting to start.  If you click new question you see this:



And every box has to be filled out correctly or your question won't work.    To help you see how questions are made click on "search" at the top left and put in assignment ID 13178698

searchid.pngSearching for assignment 13178698


This assignment shows you several questions that start out extremely basic and build up to more complex.  

qlist.pngList of questions


You can click on a question (like question 1 for the simplest question) and click on "view"

viewq.pngOpen to viewThen look for the button that says "Open in Editor"

openineditor.pngOpen in Editor


Now you can see the question with all the pieces put in the right place


questioncode.pngThe question code

Notice that the question box is what the student sees, the answer box tells WebAssign what is correct, and the solution box (in the example above) is left blank because it's not required (that's what a student sees after the deadline that explains what the answer was).  You can copy/paste this into your own question, you can duplicate it to have your own copy, or you can just follow the format to make your questions.


Go ahead and scroll through the questions.  From the assignment page if you click "Preview" you can see all the questions like a student.  If you find it useful let us know - these 20 questions are only the beginning.   I'd be happy to make more if it's helpful.


And if anyone is reading this that's already done a lot of questions you're welcome to try your hand at making an assignment for "Coding Lesson 2".