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Let's meet at ASC Conference in Phily -- Nov 2017


Hello!  Are YOU going to the American Society of Criminology (ASC) conference in Philadelphia?  If so, great!  Let's meet and discuss your needs and our common challenges in teaching criminal justice. 


Why?  Because like you, our goal is clear -- to help students succeed and reach their career goals.  For success in criminal justice, we believe experience matters.  With 70% of employers saying recent grads are not job ready, let's work together to give students in criminal justice the power of experience. 


You can make a difference.  Your first-hand field experience is key to your students' success.  Visit to hear how Professor Scott Rudeen uses MindTap to increase retention and give his criminal justice students applied learning experience that makes a difference.


Be part of the solution.  Join the conversation. Add your name, school and e-mail here if you are going to ASC.  Share your questions and best practices below so others can offer suggestion and also learn from you. That's what it's all about!


Hope to see YOU at ASC in Phily!