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Use Google Earth During Class

Use Google Earth During Class

In this excerpt from a webinar on using technology tools to teach History, professor Donna Donald talks about how she uses Google Earth in her teaching.


One of my favorite tools is Google Earth as a history teacher. I love using maps to illustrate points. A lot of times we forget that students have no concept of geographical relationships and so what I like to do is open Google Earth and if I know in advance I can have them to download the app on their phones and they can do it with me.
What I'll do is start at where we are on our campus and then zoom out and then click the Middle East or something like that, and the globe turns and zooms in and gives them a definition shows them their relationships. It's just a really neat tool to use. What I hope happens is that maybe they're doing it on their own outside of class and they're using these history sites, museums sites, and other apps that are relevant and useful for learning.
Virtual tours are great. There are plenty of those out there. Just do a search on whatever your topic is. Lots and lots of historical sites and digital platforms are creating virtual tours and recreating cities and locations from the past.
There's so many ways to use this but think about how you might be able to pull that together and use it in the classroom. 
History professor Donna Donald, LIberty University