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The Empowered Educator & Experiential Learning: Tips and Resources


In his webinar Transforming Class Time with Digital: How to Support Experiential Learning and Student Employability, Cornel Plebani shares these tips for giving students more opportunities to succeed beyond the classroom:


Tip 1: Rethink class time

Use digital technology to free up class time, unlock your creativity, and determine what happens when you are with your students.   


Tip 2: Build a rapport with your students

Building rapport can enable meaningful learning in the present and build a roster of returning experts for the future.  These connections provide more opportunities. 


Tip 3: Find a digital tool to extend your reach beyond the classroom.

Technology can be a powerful asset.  Find the right digital tool for you and use it to push the envelope of how your class is defined. 


Tip 4: Be a facilitator of learning, not a conduit of knowledge.

Find ways to spark and reward curiosity.  Let students pick knowledge from whatever part of the learning tree they can reach rather than everyone drinking from the same fountain. 


Eager for more info on experiential learning?  Cornel points to this “soup-to-nuts primer” run by The University of Texas at Austin as a good resource to get started.  


Plebani Headshot (Cengage).jpgCornel Plebani is the Department Chair of Criminal Justice at Eastern Maine Community College.  To hear more about how Cornel has redesigned class time to focus on experiential learning and career readiness, watch his recorded webinar



How are you rethinking class time?  Take a moment to share your ideas for implementing experiential learning for your discipline.  What tips do you have for others? 


Looking forward to hearing your ideas!