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Put Your Syllabus Inside a Mobile Phone App? Easy.


In case you haven't discovered it, there's an tool called Glide that allows you to quickly turn a Google spreadsheet into a mobile app. I tried it out and the tool is pretty easy to use.  So I thought, "What if I took my syllabus (currently in Microsoft Word) and copy and pasted the paragraphs into a google spreadsheet?" Well, it worked out very well. Take a look. Either scan this QR code with your mobile phone:





Or click here.


Here's what the syllabus looks like on a mobile device:





Here's a screenshot of the google spreadsheet I created that was imported by Glide to create the app:





  • the app can have just about any kind of media: images, video, audio
  • to update the app you just update your google spreadsheet
  • now students can't say they don't have your syllabus on them!


If you'd like more info on how to do this yourself, just feel free to get in touch with me.



(note: Glide is not associated with Cengage. Just a very cool tool)


Can you put graphics in Glide or just text?  Might be a good app to share Exam study notes..:)


The app will display just about anything. I even tried iframe code and that worked. A lot of possibilities here beyond syllabi.


I liked it.  Now there is no excuse for not being able to access the syllabus.

Valued Contributor

A very cool tool, definitely would like to give it a try at some point. I am not sure about syllabus but may be for sharing some other class materials. Thanks for sharing! 


What a great idea  - I'm going to be playing with this over the summer!  No more complaints about losing the syllabus or not knowing how to calculate their grade!!


Glad you're all liking the idea. Here's some help to get you started:


  • I created a (view only) link to the spreadsheet I created (shown above) that is the basis for the app. Click here to view it.
  • Below is a brief video and a screenshot to show you what to do with this link so that you’ll have your own syllabus to play around with in Glide.



It definitely takes a little tinkering to get it to look the way you want, but I found that fun. Feel free to get in touch with some feedback.



I didn't see this question - so I investigated it and can share the answer:

Students do NOT need to download any app to use this.  You don't even need a QR scanner app on an iphone.

It just senses from the camera that it's a webpage and opens it up.  Color me impressed.


@Scott_Crawford Right - if you have an iphone you just have to point the camera at the QR code and you'll get a drop-down from the top that you can tap on. The app itself is indeed essentially a mobile-optimized webpage, but if you add it to your phone it will then operate in much the same way as other apps on your phone. Pretty cool.


Good Morning Michael,


I am interested in learning more about this app. I was looking for the link you referenced to copy into Google slides and did not find it. Also, I am thinking, if this works for the Syllabi, it should also work for presentation materials. Right?


Can we connect soon?

Engaging Essie



Glad you like the idea Essie. Here's the link to my google spreadsheet that you can copy and use as a template for your own work:


This doesn't have to be used just for syllabi - you can put any kind of study materials or presentation materials (images, audio, video, maps, etc.) into a google spreadsheet and then use Glide to turn it into an app that anyone can add to their phone. When you update the google spreadsheet the app is updated automatically.


I'm happy to show you how this all works. I'll contact you via email.



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That is really cool!  I'm so impressed with all of you in this Community.  So creative, industrious and soooo generous with your ideas.  Thank you!!!  I might just do it for the fun of say I was able to do something so cool.


Thanks for the kind words @marthamorse We do try to do some unique things here in the community. If you do give the "sylabus-in-an-app" idea (which would make you the coolest teacher of the semester) feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or run into any problems.