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Mixed Reality: Tools to Try


In her webinars on using virtual and mixed realities in higher ed, Corinne Hoisington shares ideas and tools to use these new technologies in your course.  Here are some links to explore to get you started with mixed reality. 



Acer Mixed Reality Headset (for Windows 10)

Lenovo Mixed Reality Headset (for Windows 10)

Dell Mixed Reality Headset (for Windows 10)



Windows 10 Paint 3D


Remix 3D



Story Remix in Windows 10

 Corinne Hoisington_headshot.jpg


Learn more from Corinne.  View her webinars at your convenience through The Empowered Educator virtual event archives.    

Remix 3D makes diving into 3D simple. Find 3D objects from the community, then quickly "remix" them into your own masterpieces by editing them in Paint 3D.
Story Remix makes it easy to use photos and videos to tell your own story. Make a video that captures your day, experience or mood. Then save it, share it, or give it a remix by adding fun 3D objects or drawing on it with Windows Ink. Whether you're a budding amateur or just getting started, Story