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Culturally Responsive Teaching: Additional Articles




At The Empowered Educator Virtual Event, Professor Essie Childers at Blinn College shared her experience and her ideas for building a classroom community inclusive of all cultures and students.  



Essie has recommended the following articles about culturally-responsive teaching, promoting critical thinking and more, some of which she referenced at her live presentation.  


Love the One You're With: Creating a Classroom Community by Cynde Gregory

Creating Inclusive College Classrooms by Shari Saunders and Diana Kardia

Five Ways to Promote a More Inclusive Classroom by Kathleen F. Gabriel 

Managing Culturally Diverse Classrooms by: John H. Holloway 


On her live presentation, Essie also referenced this essay about promoting critical thinking and engaging students in an online environment: 


Promote Critical Thinking Through Online Discussion Forum by Essie Childers (attached) 


Have an activity idea or story to share about promoting culturally-responsive teaching?  Share it with your peers here!  


Essie Childers is a full-time professor of Learning Frameworks, Study Skills and Developmental Reading at Blinn College in central Texas. Essie served as immediate past President of the Texas Community College Teachers Association.  She is the Senior Fellow for Future Works at Blinn College, the 2017 Carol Dochen Developmental Educator of the Year Award winner, the 2014 recipient of CRLA’s Distinguished Teaching award and the 2013 On Course Ambassador of the Year. Essie is a graduate of The University of Texas at Tyler, Abilene Christian University and Walden University having completed a Graduate Certificate in Adult Learning in 2014.



Thanks for sharing all of this Essie!


I use Discussions heavily in my classes to encourage student interaction and foster a community of learners through collaborative projects with their peers (both of which are highlighted in the article by Dr Kathleen Gabriel). Through their discussions and collaborative projects/presentations, I encourage students to get to know each other and share with the class so we can all learn more from their many backgrounds and life experiences!