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What Authors, Instructors and Students are Saying About Cengage Unlimited

Cengage Unlimited took many by surprise, and feedback keeps rolling in! The positive response confirmed that students, teachers and authors were ready for a fresh approach to content delivery. Here’s a sampling of what we’re hearing:


Authors, Faculty and Students


I am excited about the new direction, opportunities and products in this Cengage Unlimited subscription service!  This approach is so innovative! —Cengage Author


Cengage Unlimited appears on the horizon: original, attractive, exciting and flexible, but I have to confess that I don't fully comprehend exactly how it will work...Still, it strikes me as an innovative program whose time has come. Congratulations on coming up with something truly different!—Cengage Author


I am so excited about the approach to digital learning as presented by Cengage Unlimited. It is a brilliant marketing approach and offers limitless opportunities for teachers and students.” —Cengage Author


 Wait… students can get EVERYTHING for just $119?! —Most instructors we encounter


Well, that makes it a lot easier! —Most students we encounter


Learning Consultants


Cengage Unlimited opened a new door, and now we have the platform to visit with the entire business faculty at their staff meeting to talk about Cengage Unlimited and demonstrate the value of our content.” 


Currently we have Inclusive Access in place in English, Spanish, Computing, Psychology and Accounting. The administration could potentially look at pioneering an institutional Cengage Unlimited deal based on what is in place. The Math chair who has been a long-term user [of a competitor] and is a power user, is finally giving us the opportunity. She said, ‘If it’s going to benefit the student, I’m all about evaluating our other options.’”


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