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Our Commitment to Authors

Here’s the latest update from Erin Joyner, Senior Vice President of Product Management for Higher Education.

With the introduction of Cengage Unlimited, we know authors are keenly interested in how royalties will be calculated. To answer that question, we are currently building out the Cengage Unlimited platform and assessing financial and royalty systems to enhance our ability to track student access. Based on this work, we will have more specific information to share with you in March 2018. 


Between now and then, we are:


  1. Finalizing our processes and financial controls for the payment of royalties, including engaging our outside accounting firm in this effort
  2. Establishing metrics, data collection and validation requirements with the Cengage technology team to ensure reporting accuracy
  3. Continuing to develop a new, simplified royalty reporting system to incorporate Cengage Unlimited in royalty statements and payments 

Keeping You Informed


As work continues, we will share any updates we think would be valuable to you in advance of our more detailed update in March 2018.


Cengage is committed to:


  • Recognizing authors as valued partners in our efforts to improve the teaching and learning experience with our products
  • Continuing to honor its contractual obligations; we will select works for inclusion in the Cengage Unlimited library on several factors, including the scope of Cengage contracts
  • Continuing to make our products available to purchase individually—as they are currently

If you have any questions, do reach out to us at