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Introducing the Cengage Unlimited Career Center
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We recently conducted a survey in partnership with Morning Consult, involving 650 employers and more than 1,500 current and former college students, for insights into the impact technology has on the job market. The results? As automation continues to rise, employability and career readiness remain as important as ever.


The results showed that the majority of surveyed students (77%) are worried about having the skills needed for a job. Results also unveiled that “uniquely human” skills are in high demand by employers, and that most employers (73%) said it was very or somewhat difficult finding qualified candidates.


We know students face a number of problems when it comes to getting the job they want. Often unaware of the career options available to them, students face logistical and psychological barriers to accessing career services—graduating without the common employability skills employers seek.


Enter the Cengage Unlimited Career Center!


Last month, we announced the launch of the Career Center for Cengage Unlimited subscribers to help students transition from college to a career. The Career Center allows students to explore careers, learn more about jobs, build resumes and portfolios and gain access to career-readiness support—including in-demand soft skills training—to help them get the job they want.


Check out the brief demo below to learn more!


1 Comment

I posted a link to this video in all of my classes. Thanks for providing this resource to our students..:).