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Introducing: New digital-only solution for K12 from Cengage


Instructors and students are increasingly relying on digital solutions to deliver better outcomes, greater access and flexibility. To keep pace with the evolution of classroom instruction and students’ needs, and to take advantage of the expanding opportunities digital solutions can bring to the classroom, we are excited to provide an initial introduction to NGL Pathways*.




NGL Pathways is an all-digital “per seat” solution that brings together discipline-specific NGL content and related digital homework, assessment, and learning capabilities. NGL Pathways will initially offer two content collections that include top-selling titles and digital solutions that are already sold in the K12 segment. Additional collections of titles and digital solutions are planned for release in the future. 


The new solution aims to deliver simplicity and flexibility, and to provide teachers greater access to more high quality NGL digital content and tools than ever before. NGL Pathways also directly addresses the affordability of course materials, one of the most pressing challenge for districts. 


Through this innovative new solution, schools are permitted to adopt and assign as many of the high-quality NGL courses in the content collection as they desire. Schools adopting multiple NGL titles will see considerable reductions in the costs of learning materials per student, for those students who take multiple courses accessed via NGL Pathways. 



How will it work?


A school needing materials for multiple courses will choose the titles and digital solutions that align to their educational objectives, for example selecting and adopting four AP titles available from NGL Pathways. The school would license the number of NGL Pathways “seats” that equal the total number of students taking the four AP courses. Schools then assign their students to the four AP courses, with students only being able to access the courses assigned to them. Since one licensed “seat” provides access for that student to all the courses assigned to them, schools will see cost savings resulting from each student who is assigned to more than one AP course.


We are very excited about how this solution directly addresses our customers’ needs and allows NGL to expand market share. NGL Pathways helps us better serve high schools who demand digital-only solutions, but is not expected to negatively impact our print sales. In fact, it’s possible that a Pathways school may also buy classroom sets of print materials to go along with the digital solution. 


We will be reaching out to several of our authors to gather feedback and additional ideas on how to make this a successful launch. We will be posting more about NGL Pathways on this forum, but feel free to contact your product manager if you might have questions.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact your product manager.



Posted on behalf of Vincent Grosso, Cengage Senior Vice President


*NGL Pathways has not been confirmed as the market name as we are still in the early stages of product development.