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Dining & Discussing Cengage Unlimited!


DineAndDiscuss.pngLOVE IT. Interesting conversation, and I loved meeting other faculty.”

“I felt like the Cengage team listened and wanted to understand how professors experience teaching and learning.”

“This was an interesting and fulfilling opportunity.”


  • Faculty participants who attended some of our recent Dine & Discuss events


Cengage Executives and Marketing teams have been chatting and breaking bread with nearly 100 instructors and department chairs—from institutions and disciplines in cities across the U.S. at “Dine & Discuss” events.

These small group forums include lots of listening and lots of learning! First, groups cover educators’ goals and obstacles, as well as what matters to them and their students’ experiences. Then Cengage teams walk through printouts of Unlimited concepts to gather feedback, which will be used to help guide important decisions on everything from Marketing messaging, content, navigation, design and beyond. As one faculty participant commented, it’s like a “fun book club”.


From Marketing Director of Cengage Unlimited, Michelle O’Brien: “This has been a great opportunity to connect with faculty in a setting that gets us all out from behind desks, devices and screens and have real, meaningful conversations. Focusing, listening and learning will help us ensure Cengage Unlimited advances in ways that will serve faculty and students most. We can’t wait to host more of these events.”


Jason Chin, SVP, Service Experience & Digital Delivery Operations, who participated in a Dine & Discuss in Phoenix, shared that the discussion was “so incredibly rich, covering topics ranging from what instructors should ‘control’, the difference between ‘teaching’ and ‘being an instructor’… I saw what an opportunity we have to make the emotional connection with our faculty, that Cengage is investing in them through this industry transition. They all know it’s a hard journey. They just each want a partner to walk with. We can be that partner.“