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Better Learning Together

Authors like you are key partners in providing access to high-quality learning solutions for students and instructors. You are a vital part of helping us fulfill our mission. That’s why when we have news to share, we share it as quickly as possible with you.


Today, we announced our intent to merge with McGraw-Hill. 


Cengage CEO, Michael Hansen, put the rationale best: “The new company will offer a broad range of best-in-class content – delivered through digital platforms at an affordable price. Together, we will usher in an era in which all students can afford the quality learning materials needed to succeed – regardless of their socioeconomic status or the institution they attend. Additionally, the combined company will have robust financial strength to invest in next-generation products, technology and services that create superior experiences and value for millions of students.”


The transaction will bring together our complementary missions, capabilities and talent to advance student achievement and success. Cengage and McGraw-Hill have world-class content – thanks to our partners in learning like you.


We know you may have questions, and we want to give you some assurances:

  • For you and your relationship with Cengage it is business as usual. This means nothing changes with respect to our contracts, your royalties, the platform, pricing, or your contacts at Cengage. We remain committed to our partnership and want to ensure this process is as seamless as possible for you.  
  • Until the merger closes, we will continue to support you and provide competitive services and content as we do today.


You have our commitment that we will share information and updates directly with you when we can. 


If you have questions, or want to learn more, in a few weeks, Cengage will host a short webinar where perspective on the most frequently asked questions and further information about the merger will be provided. In the meantime, we encourage you to visit which provides more information on the merger.


Thank you for your continued support.


I would have been happier to receive notice of my April Royalty payment in my email this morning. Still no word on that subject as of today, May1st.

Same Here. Usually heard about royalties on April 25th. Not this year and no explanation or communication.

Ditto here - We have direct deposit, so we don't have to wait for the envelope via snail mail.  No word at all.  What's actually going on at Cengage?  Are all authors affected?  Cengage owes us all an explanation.


Just got notice of remittance.  Hope you all have as well.


Thanks for the remittance note. Just got ours as well.

New Member

Just got my remittance. Thank you. However, what concerns me is the statement above that says, "until the merger closes, we will continue to support you..." What does that mean?  I have been through many mergers. I started out with Saunders. They were purchased by Harcourt Brace, who already had a biochem book. I got lucky and they kept Mary Campbell and my book and discontinued their others. Then they were bought out by Brooks Cole. They also had a biochem book, but they discontinued theirs and kept ours. Then they were bought out by Cengage, who also kept ours. Now we are merging with McGraw-Hill, which also has both a long course book (Zubay) and a short course book, as well as a major competitor of ours in the General, Organic, and Biochemistry market. So, yes, I am concerned about what this merger means to our titles. 




I'm not in any position to venture an informed comment, but I have a hunch and prediction that all material that can be reached via Cenagage Plus will be kept in play, however returns on that will be much lower than what we experienced through past royalties. It's a new world with new rules and not unexpected given the high cost of both texts and higher ed in general. My path took me from Holt Reinhardt, to Harcourt ....Wadsworth and then Cengage.




New Member

Was it a true merger, or did McGraw Hill buy out Cengage, or vice versa?


The press release describes it as a stock merger of equals, with McGraw Hill as the name. Full support of both board of directors. Now subject to government approval with a date of 2020.



I have similar experiences and thoughts as the first few authors on this Blog today--re Royalty Payments.  One wonders if royalties paid several days after the contractual stipulated dates of payments, shouldn't also carry daily interest amounts.


a Chemistry author


In response to comments here about payments, we wanted to let you all know that payments have been issued. We apologize for any delays that may have been experienced. Please reach out to your Author Relations Manager directly or: if you have any additional questions or concerns.