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All About Cengage Exchange

Our goal is to make students feel unstoppable. So, we’ve launched Cengage Exchange for students and recent grads to help us better understand those who use our products and continue to improve.


Cengage Exchange members have opportunities to provide feedback on a range of topics about current and upcoming Cengage software—as well as the types of innovation we should be considering. There are currently hundreds of students across the country giving us feedback on content and products like Cengage Unlimited, MindTap and more.


From David Lombino on the Cengage Market Development Team: “Our goal is to provide a direct line of communication between the students who use our products and the developers and researchers on our end who make those products. The more we know about how students currently use our products and how they want to use them, as well as what resources they find most impactful in completing their courses, the more direction we have in helping students achieve their personal learning goals as we improve current and develop new learning tools.”


Check out the Cengage Exchange site for more details.