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Must Read Book: "Small Teaching" Any other "must read" books for adjuncts?


I've been reading a book called "Small Teaching" and I think it's great for adjuncts.  The author describes lots of little things you can do to spice up a class discussion or activity.  All backed by research. Great ideas for "professors on the go" like myself. Here's the link to the book on Amazon

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Michael another book I found worth reading is Teaching College: The Ultimate Guide to Lecturing, Presenting, and Engaging Students (Kindle Edition). He takes some of the best practices from teachin k-12, combines them with the best practices from the marketing sector, and delivers some no kidding, instantly useable content! I've got it on my mobile device so I always have it on hand to refer to!




I read the reviews on that book and bought  it right away.  It looks great.  Finally - a reason to recharge my Kindle!  Looking forward to reading this one @Eumatthe.


Eugene - just wanted to let you know that I "fired up" my old Kindle and have started reading the book you mention below and I love it!  I'm making my way through the chapters on engagement and I love the concrete suggestions.  I also agree with his statement that to enliven our classrooms we have to look at a) what k-12 teachers are doing to engage their students and b) what product marketers are doing to persuade people to like their message and their product.  Great perspectives. 


Again thanks for the recommendation  @Eumatthe