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Operation Communication- Checklist for Success
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As faculty we all want to establish a connection with our students and have students be fully engaged in the learning process.  We aim to be readily available to students and encourage them to schedule appointments with us during our office hours.  But are there standard communication practices we can employ to maximize students feeling connected? In online courses, it is even more crucial to plan our communication strategy.


Sherri Singer, Department Head for Behavioral and Social Sciences at Alamance Community College, suggests that both public and private communication with students is important and can be standardized for success, ensuring consistency across semesters, even while we individualize to meet students’ needs. 


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 Public Communication should include:


  • Welcome Announcements
  • Weekly Reminders
  • Forum Responses
  • Status Checks
  • Final Send-Off


Private Communication should include:


  • Detailed Profiles
  • Email Assignments
  • Personal Check-In
  • Intervention for Struggling Students



Sherri encourages the use of the college’s learning management system for communication with students but also being creative with social media channels.  She recommends faculty schedule certain targeted messages adapted to each course calendar.



What communication strategies do you use in your courses? 



Do you use different communication strategies for online versus campus-based classes



You can read more about Sherri’s specific suggestions HERE