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Motivating and Engaging Students through MindTap Mobile
Valued Contributor

As faculty, we are not only teaching our students the content of our courses, but also helping them to create lifelong learner behavior.  In today’s digital age, our students use technology to accomplish almost all of their everyday tasks.  The majority of the students in our classes are digital natives.  They’ve never known a world without technology and they can’t even imagine one.   



technology phone.jpgThey spend an average of 17 hours a day utilizing technology, Mobile devices aren’t just used for socializing, but also email, shopping, paying bills, conducting business, and other life tasks, such as an alarm clock. But it’s not just digital natives whose usage continues to grow exponentially. A recent report showed a 37% increase over the last two years in the smart phone usage by people aged 55-64, and increases present across all other age groups. 


Studies by Iowa State University and the University of Missouri, have shown:


  • 61% of Americans sleep with their phone
  • The average American checks their phone 46 times a day
  • The average traditional college age student checks their phone 74 times a day


Shawn Orr, the Director of Faculty Development and Adjunct Faculty Member at Ashland University states “My goal is to meet my students where they are.  If I know that where they are is with technology, that they’re excited and engaged with technology, it’s where I want to be!” She describes the engagement, excitement, and interactivity, that using digital tools, especially the MindTap Mobile App brings to her classroom.   


Shawn describes how she uses the MindTap Mobile App,  including the ability to get students connected with one another, but also the benefit of the key task reminders to help them stay focused and on track for success.  She emphasizes the benefit of the online homework and the flash card quizzing to help students learn course content. 






What is your favorite thing about the MindTap Mobile App? 


How have you seen the MindTap Mobile App motivate and engage your students? 


What are some other ways that we can meet students where they are through technology?  




You can hear Shawn’s full podcast available here