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Striving for Excellence (a NISOD/Cengage Partnership Series)
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Collaboration- Helping Students Develop Employability Skills
Valued Contributor

Employers expect the college graduates they’re hiring to have acquired not just professional skills within their particular field but also soft skills, the ability to collaborate with colleagues who may be very different from themselves. As faculty we can provide students with opportunities to help them develop these collaborate skills while they’re in our courses, by engaging them in group projects. 


Joey Bryant, adjunct faculty trainer at Forsyth Technical Community College, offers some suggestions based on the best practices in group design that she incorporates in her courses.   


Joey groups students strategically by including students in each group with diverse backgrounds, different age bands, varying levels of knowledge or content comprehension, so that students have an ability to learn how to negotiate and develop interpersonal and social skills.  These group projects engage students in project management and critical thinking as they collaborate with one another to achieve their finished products. 







Do you include collaborative group projects in your courses? 



Have you encountered any challenges when designing group projects or witnessed challenges students face as they engage in completing them and how have you overcome them?    



You can listen to the full webinar to hear all of Joey's ideas here