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Innovative Teaching Strategies

Want to try something new? We've got some teaching strategies you may not have tried yet:


  1. Getting Students to think: the What Would Happen If?" Approach
  2. The Power Of Stories
  3. Closing Questions
  4. Remember to Start with the STUDENTS Rather than the Discipline
  5. The "You, Y’all, We" Approach to Class Discussion
  6. Have You Tried a "Backchannel" Activity? Here's One Way
  7. The “Think, Write, Pair, Share" Strategy
  8. Conver-Stations
  9. Snowball Discussion
  10. Affinity Mapping
  11. Concentric Circles

Ever thought of putting your syllabus into a mobile app that your students can easily access? We show you how to do that in this post: Put Your Syllabus Inside a Mobile Phone App? Easy.


Favorite podcasts where you'll hear about more teaching strategies (note: not affiliated with Cengage, just a great podcasts):

  1. The Learning Scientists
  2. Tea for Teaching
  3. Teaching in Higher Ed podcast