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Assistance From Other Educators

We have over 200 faculty who have been using MindTap, WebAssign and other Cengage tools for a long time. Feel free to ask them a question any question you have about how to best use our tools.


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New Member

Can you share hands-on ideas and project-based learning activities?

@N_Walden We try to include a lot of discussion questions and occasionally ideas for in-class activities in the posts here on the community.  Check out the area on the right of the map called "Classroom Discussion and Activities Created from Current Events". 




New Member

I find discussion questions to be a great way to ensure that students are engaged and understanding class material.


The tools you all have available with cengage unlimited are a real game changer!


The MOSS and 3-2-1 code it and reimbursement methodologies all really great tools! And the more I learn the more excited I get about the new cost model for students.

@rmcginnunm I'm curious: what are "MOSS" and "3-2-1 code it"?


3-2-1 Code it is a digital textbook that has Mindtap. For coding it's handy to get instant feedback and Mindtap does a great job of giving some feedback instantly. MOSS is going to be cool from what  I can tell but I will learn more soon about it. But for billing it might really change how we train students.

Occasional Visitor

How can I get a review copy of Dan Gartell’s Classic Guidance text? I have been teaching Guidance for years using another text but am thinking of a change. I’ve used Cengage’s Health, Safety, and Nutrition text for years. 


Hello Mary - apologize for not responding earlier to your request for a review copy. I believe you teach in the Education department at Johnson County Community College in Kansas, correct?  Please confirm and I'll have your learning consultant ( reach out right away to take care of your request.  THANKS!