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Ideas You Can Use in Today's Class

Ideas You Can Use in Today's Class

We ask our writers to create posts that answer this question: 


What challenging question can I write that will stimulate a great class (or online) discussion?

You want specific suggestions you can use in today's class? Join the community, subscribe to the forums and blogs that interest you, and get notified when we've got new posts to stimulate your thinking and help you engage today's students.  College and University professors: not a member of the higher ed community yet? Email Michael:  


MindTap is included in Cengage Unlimited.



Instructions: Press and drag to see some of the best topics. Once you find a topic that interests you, click on the text to take you the post:



New Member

Can you share hands-on ideas and project-based learning activities?

@N_Walden We try to include a lot of discussion questions and occasionally ideas for in-class activities in the posts here on the community.  Check out the area on the right of the map called "Classroom Discussion and Activities Created from Current Events". 




New Member

I find discussion questions to be a great way to ensure that students are engaged and understanding class material.


The tools you all have available with cengage unlimited are a real game changer!


The MOSS and 3-2-1 code it and reimbursement methodologies all really great tools! And the more I learn the more excited I get about the new cost model for students.

@rmcginnunm I'm curious: what are "MOSS" and "3-2-1 code it"?


3-2-1 Code it is a digital textbook that has Mindtap. For coding it's handy to get instant feedback and Mindtap does a great job of giving some feedback instantly. MOSS is going to be cool from what  I can tell but I will learn more soon about it. But for billing it might really change how we train students.