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Critical Thinking: Our Best Posts

Everyone wants their students to be better at thinking carefully and critically. Here are some suggestions and activities from around the community:


  1. What Can Koko the Gorilla Teach Students About Critical Thinking?
  2. One Way to Create an Online Critical Thinking Exercise
  3. Critical Thinking: A Circle of Ideas
  4. Teaching Science With Humor
  5. How to Get Students to Do Reflective Thinking
  6. Spreading Information Literacy: Our Most Basic Job
  7. Why Do We See Faces All Around Us?
  8. Proof That Exercise Defeats Dementia - Or Is It?
  9. The Fake News Experiment


Great science podcasts (not affiliated with Cengage, just great for the latest science and critical thinking):


  1. All in the Mind
  2. Hidden Brain
  3. Science Vs.