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Where do I find the location to start my course?


I am teaching Intermediate Accounting at Albertus this fall., and we are using CengageNowv2.  I want to set up my course in Cengage, but am unable to find where I start my course on the Cite.  I have gone through the instructions and want to get started. 


Antoinette Cargill (Toni)

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Re: Where do I find the location to start my course?

Hey Antoinette,


You should post this in "Ask a Faculty Partner" group, but I'll attempt to answer here. 


I have not used CNOW in awhile, but when I was, I accessed it via MindTap (MT).  Before I could l get to it in MT, however, I had to login to cengage and add the product to my dashboard. Are you using CNOW in MT?  Or can you access CNOW outside of MT?  Your Learning Consultant can put you in touch with a Digital Solutions Specialist that can help with the setup, but knowing a bit more about where you are accessing CNOW from would be helpful.  This site might help as well: 



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