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Is it possible to use two Cengage titles for one course?

The answer is Yes. Using Cengage Unlimited, students can access mindtap courses as well as ebooks from a variety of titles. Here’s how it’s done.


  1. First, instructors login into their Instructor Resource center.
  2. Search for the primary text you'd like to use with the class.
  3. Choose the most recent edition that includes MindTap.
  4. Once the title appears in your instructor resource center, create a new course for it.

That's it for part 1: the course is created. You’ll see on this screen the course key. Copy this number so that you can send it to students so they can easily subscribe to this MindTap course.


Now let’s get the ebook for the other title so you can tell students to add this ebook to their Cengage Unlimited homepage.


  1. I’Go back to your Instructor Resource center homepage
  2. Enter the name of the other title you'd like to use
  3. When you find it, add title to your instructor resource account.
  4. Copy the 13 digit ISBN so your can give that number to students so they can easily find the title in their Cengage Unlimited account.


You should create a course for this title but you won’t need to give the course key to students because you won't be using this title as your main resource. Just create a course so you'll have the ebook handy for to decide what chapters from the ebook you'd like students to read.


And that’s it. You have now set up a MindTap course for your primary title and you have a second course from a different title just for you so you can access the ebook for it.


Now that everything is set up, inform students that you'll be using two texts for this course. After they subscribe to Cengage Unlimited they can add these two titles to their Unlimited dashboard


Your students will now be able to access both titles.

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