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How the Heck Do You Work This Thing Anyway?


Here's a major design fail in my life. Below is a video of the climate control system in my car:


My car


If I understand this correctly, when the light on the Off button is on, then the car's climate control system However, when the light on the Off button is off, the system is...on. No joke.



My stove


As you'll see from this picture of my stove, the controls for each burner on the top console are aligned the same way as the burners themselves (called natural mapping). This is intuitive.  A lot of stoves have all the burner controls in a straight line - not intuitive.






But here's my humidifier. It's flashing the word EMPTY.  So is it empty? Take a guess as to what it's telling me.



Apparently the designers decided that when the light flashes the word "EMPTY" it's actually full of water. So a flashing EMPTY is a COMMAND to you to empty the humidifier - it's not information about the state of the humidifier (that it's full). That's intuitive....not. Looks like we need a User Experience Designer (UX) here (a good deal of psychology in that person's training).