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ePortfolios: Useful Tips to Get You Started


tanya-martinipsychology-brock-university.jpgThinking about implementing an ePortfolio into your class or your institution? Dr. Tanya Martini, professor in the Psychology Department at Brock University in St. Catharines, Canada, talked with professor Jeff Armstrong about some of her experiences using ePortfolios.


I've extracted some of her key points into the 1-2 minute audio bites you can listen to in the map below. Simply slick on the small play button next to each topic.  I think you'll find some very useful information.



Here's the link to this playlist.


Don't have audio? No problem.







Here's Dr. Martini's website at Brock University.


The full interview can be heard here on the Neuro Transmission podcast site (season 2, episode 3)

Valued Contributor

Useful tool - I have used it for research collaboration and presentations. Not in classes though.


I had to make a paper based portfolio and present it to be considered for promotion at my college.  It was a lot of work, but was very enjoyable.


I use Pathbrite portfolios in my Intro Computing class and the students seem to like it. We use it for initial introductions, some collaboration and to post some of their best work. The great thing is that students can take pathbrite with them to collect and showcase work in future classes as well! 

I'd love to share portfolio examples with other faculty. Here is a handout I use with screenshots from many of my students.

@CkenkelNorthwest thanks so much for sharing this link Cindy! The doc itself looks like it needs a little formatting, but there's a whole lot of great guidance here for students. I was especially impressed by this eportfolio by one of your former students (Chloe King). Anyone interested in eportfolios should check out your link.


This is fantastic idea - anyone recommend other sites or tools in addition to those already mentioned?



I've attended some Portfolium webinars for ideas on how to use Portfolios in class so you might want to check their site out  (and I apply what I learn to using Pathbrite since it's embedded in MT).

Frequent Commenter

Very intersting!  Thank you for the website builder suggestion.  I have never used any before but Weebly sounds like something even me (not digital savy) could learn to use.