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Transforming Psychology Teaching With Effective Learning Technology

Succeeding in class has a lot to do with how students learn and remember information, so it’s not surprising that psychology professors love to use the tools available in MindTap that are designed to help students improve their study skills. Check out these success stories to see exactly how these tools work and how professors encourage students to use them to succeed in class!



1) Professor Carmon Hicks, Ivy Tech Community College, Indiana


We know students should spread out their study sessions instead of cramming but they often don't do it. Dr. Carmon Hicks uses a unique MindTap tool that helps students develop this very important skill.


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2) Michael Greenstein, Assistant Professor, Framingham State University, Framingham, MA


Professor Michael Greenstein loves the Mastery Training tool in MindTap. Find out how it works for his students and why 83% of students said that using MindTap increased their engagement in the course. 


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02-social-psych-harden-1024x512.png3) Mitch Harden, Professor of Psychology, St. Charles Community College, St. Louis, Missouri


Looking to use a little “flipped classroom” with your classes? Success depends on students coming to class having read the materials and being ready to discuss them. Find out how professor Mitch Harden has succeeded in doing just that.

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