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The Hilarious BBC Interview: What Do Students Really Think Is Going On?

Over 20 million people have seen the video of Prof Kelly interrupted by his children as he was talking about events in North Korea. The video could be a great way of talking about stereotypes in class.  Here's what I'm thinking of doing:


  1. Show students the video without mentioning anything other than it's popular and funny.
  2. Ask them what they thought about it. My guess is that noone in class will mention what a lot of people have thought: that the woman who comes into the room to get the kids is not Kelly's wife - but his nanny.
  3. This is because of our stereotypes about Asian women: they are usually in subservient roles in TV and films. 
  4. If you directly ask your students, "Did any of you think that the woman was his nanny?" I'm guessing that few if any students will raise their hands even if they did think she was the nanny.





So Try This Instead:


  1. Open up a cool tool called TodaysMeet ( 
  2. Create a "room" in Today's Meet (something like "BBC" or "BBCInterview")
  3. Adjust the size of the tab containing Today's Meet so it takes up the right side your screen and put the YouTube video on the left side of the screen.
  4. Tell students to get out their phones, go on their browsers and go to (or whatever you called your room). Today's Meet is a very simple chat tool.
  5. Students need to create a username - tell them to make up a name (even "Bugs Bunny" will work), but to not use their own name.
  6. Play the video again (perhaps twice) and ask students to comment on the video as it plays. You might want to be the first to start the commenting just to make them feel more comfortable.
  7. You may have to play the video a few times until someone says something like, "Was that his nanny?"


My guess: someone will mention (now that they are anonymous) that they thought the woman was his nanny. 


This is a great opening for a discussion on stereotypes (mention that  many people around the world saw her as a nanny) and the idea of deindividuation (when students are anonymous they're more likely to express potentially embarrassing points of view).


If you try this I'd love to hear how it goes in your class!




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And just for a little humor as well as a tie-in to social roles: what if Kelly was a woman?



Right click here to add this video to your MindTap course.



Frequent Commenter

Great idea! 


I think TodaysMeet could work for a variety of topics discussed in class if I am understanding the format/tool accurately.  I will have to check it out!  


Thanks for sharing. 

Hi Michael,


I actually showed the video in class last week and we had a healthy conversation about schema, stereotypes, Eurocentric perspectives and more.  I was actually very impressed and proud of my class for their thinking!  Many people thought it was absurd to even consider the woman as a Nanny.


This is a great class activity that you have outlined here and I am curious to see what people think!

Have a great day!