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False Memories Virtual Lab


 In your MindTap course you'll find a virtual lab activity on the topic of false memories that will allow students to get a deeper understanding of the concept.


In this lab students are introduced to false memory recall:


  • In the “Exploration” portion of the lab students are asked to review six lists of words and recall as many of them as they can
  • then they are asked to recognize words as new or old in relation to the words they were given in the six lists. 

This lab is based on research first conducted by Deese (1959) and later modified by Roediger and McDermott (1995).


In the Synthesis portion of the lab:


  • students learn the independent variables (type of memory test and type of word)
  • and the dependent variable (percentage of words classified as being shown in the lists)
  • see their own results as well as their results compared to the published results obtained by the original researchers.






You'll find this interactive virtual lab in the Memory chapter of your psychology MindTap course.
The topic of false memories was discussed in this post in our psychology blog: How Easy is it to Implant a False Memory?