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Death Penalty Photography Documentary Project


 To get students thinking more deeply about the death penalty, we suggest having students watch the two videos on the site, Death Penalty Photography Documentary Project:


Captured on film, Warden Marvin Polk, of North Carolina's Central Prison, narrates the preparation and final hours before an execution in Raleigh, where the state execution facilities are located.

Warden Polk takes members of the press through the prison, detailing hour-by-hour the preparation, and carrying out, of a 2:00 am execution

Here are some questions you may wish to discuss or assign to your students:


  1. Do you feel that the increased schedule prolongs the inevitable? 
  2. Would this be a violation of the 8th amendment? 
  3. Is the death penalty as presented in the video a fair representation? 
  4. How would society view the video? 
  5. Would there be more of an outcry in support of or against the death penalty?