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Creative Sentencing Examples


Judge Michael Cicconetti has been handing out creative sentences for many years. How about this one: 


90 Days in Jail - or Spend One Night Alone in the Woods?


Who was given this option? A young woman who abandoned kittens in local parks (she abandoned 35 kittens in all and 9 of them died).  He offered her traditional sentences as well:


  • 14 days in jail and 15 days under house arrest
  • $3,200 donation to the Humane Society and a $500 donation to park rangers

She took the night in the woods.  And it was cold.  And snowy.  A fitting punishment? Or does this actually create a problem.


Imagine this


You are found guilty of the same crime but in a different area of your state and you are given the standard sentence: jail time. How would you feel if you found out that someone else served their sentence just by spending one night in the woods and no jail time?


There's more to this story and an activity in the MindTap course for the text, Criminal Justice in America.  Check out the video below to find it.  You may want to use the video and its accompanying questions as an ungraded or graded activity.



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