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Brain Structure and Function


 To help students more clearly understand the influence that brain structures have on various activities, provide the following five scenarios to them and see if they can name which brain structure may have been involved. In addition to providing their answer, you can have students write a justification for their answer based on information from the textbook.


  1. When a police officer asks you to step out of the car and walk a straight line for a sobriety test, she is testing to see whether alcohol has reached your __________________. (cerebellum)
  2. Mike gained 50 pounds in one month. There was damage found in his __________________. (hypothalamus)
  3. A man reported having skin sensations of spiders crawling on his right leg repeatedly throughout the day; however, when he tried to brush the spider away, he found that there was nothing there. Upon neurological examination, it was found that he had abnormal activity in his left _______________________. (parietal lobe)
  4. After a sharp blow to the back of his head, Tim was left unconscious. When he woke up, he found he was blind. Upon examination, it was concluded that the blow must have damaged his ___________________. (occipital lobe)