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Adolescence - It's Hard to Watch - Class Activity


The post, "Adolescence - It's Hard to Watch" is about the difficulties of being an adolescent. You may want to use the following classroom activity along with discussing this post with your class (you can download a PDF version of this activity below):


Activity: Letters to Your Adolescent Children
Topic: Development Subtopic: Adolescence & Adulthood

Resources and Materials
1. Paper and pens/pencils


Class Time: 30-45 minutes



  • Divide the class into groups of four to six students.
  • Share the following prompt with your students.


Puberty is a time of rapid physical, social, and emotional change. Many adolescents are not prepared for these changes, which makes the changes even more difficult to cope with. How would you explain these changes to your child in a letter?

As a group, write one letter to a boy and one to a girl describing specific physical changes in puberty, including topics such as menarche and nocturnal emissions. Frame the letters in such a way that your children will have a positive attitude toward the changes they will experience.



" When the letters are completed, each group will be asked to share its letters with another group, and the students from the other groups will be asked to comment on what they liked about each group's letters such as content, phrasing, degree of positiveness, and so forth.

You can put this activity into your MindTap course! (note: video has no audio)




This activity is referred to in this blog post in our Psychology blog: Adolescence - It's Hard to Watch