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User Guides to Have and to Hold


You sat through the demonstration of MindTap Math Foundations (MTMF) and it seemed simple enough; a couple of games here, some Learning Loops there, and a colorful gradebook. Your Learning Consultant was well-prepared and engaging and even threw in a few jokes.  When she asked how you feel, you responded "easy as 3.14". 


But then lunch arrived. And it was pizza. And everything you thought you knew just went out the window because it was pizza and who can think straight when there is pizza??


So now what? You don't need another demonstration and your Learning Consultant just left to meet with the Calculus team. She did however, leave you with a link to this really funny Dev. Math community website. 


And it's a good thing you came here because we have you covered!


Below are two guides that will walk you through how to navigate through this innovative platform and edit assignments. You can even download both and save it on your computer so it's always handy!