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Your Super Power is Student Engagement

Films are rich with themes worthy of classroom discussion. For example, Captain Marvel touches on important ideas, such as gender roles, gender discrimination, immigration, and stereotypes. On top of that, sometimes bringing a piece of pop culture into the classroom can pique interest and perk up participation. 



CaptainMarvelAndUnlimited.jpgIn his recent Community post, Michael Britt connects themes from this blockbuster hit to different disciplines, giving you and your students starting points to unpack issues related to your course content.  Check out the post for general themes as well as ideas specific to Psychology, Sociology, Government, Statistics, Marketing and more.


Additionally, the post suggests how students using Cengage Unlimited can research these themes across disciplines. With a Cengage Unlimited subscription, students have access to your MindTap course plus a library of Cengage eBooks, and therefore cross-disciplinary content, to help inform and shape their own opinions.


As Michael says in his post, “We talk about the importance of helping students make cross-disciplinary connections - now they have a tool to help them do just that.”


See what Michael Britt and Captain Marvel can do for you.


If you find relevant articles or interviews related to the themes you explore, remember that you can add them to your MindTap course. Customize your MindTap course with videos, web links and more by selecting “Add Activity” in edit mode. 





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Have ideas to incorporate Captain Marvel, or other hot pop culture topics? Or, other ideas to engage your students?  Please share below!