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Using YouSeeU and Aplia in MindTap to Improve Students’ Communication Skills

In this blog post you will hear from Marcy Krugel who explains how she uses two MindTap apps, YouSeeU and Aplia, to enhance her teaching Business Communications.  Her ideas can be easily applied to other disciplines, for example, using Aplia to help students relate textbook content to real-world business tasks and responsibilities.


Marcy Krugel is a former Director of Business Communications from Florida Atlantic University where she recently retired.  She first started teaching online in 2001 so she has devoted a lot of time in searching for the right technical tools to use when teaching both online and face-to-face Business Communications classes.


Marcy adopted MindTap because of its superiority over other platforms on the market.   She found that it solved her three biggest problems in teaching the course: 


  1. getting students to record their speeches online, and
  2. motivating students to read the book, and
  3. teaching grammar without having to take precious class time to do it.


Marcy has found that both her online and face-to-face students benefit from YouSeeU.  Prior to using it, Marcy would request that her students rehearse their presentations by recording and self-reviewing their recordings, but she found that many would critique their presentations without watching them.   Thanks to YouSeeU’s synced and timestamped comments, she can easily see whether students have watched their videos, and as a result, students are truly learning how to improve their presentations.




Marcy also loves that YouSeeU offers instructional videos via a HELP tab right in the program.  She no longer spends hours on the phone with students who can’t figure out how to upload their videos or sync their slides to their presentations. 


YouSeeU has made it easy for students to provide feedback on their classmates’ presentations, and she has received positive feedback from both online and face-to-face classes about YouSeeU.









When it comes to teaching students the basic concepts of the book, the Aplia assignments, which she relabels as quizzes, makes it easier for her to connect theory with application in the business world.  All her Aplia quizzes are worth 100 points, so that students are motivated to complete the quizzes instead of skipping them and so that students come to class better prepared to apply the concepts to real-world simulations. 

Aplia assignments embed the chapter concepts in the context of real business communication tasks, enabling her students to see the relevance and importance of learning those concepts.  




Finally, the Aplia Grammar Tutorials provide those students who may not have learned the basics of grammar in elementary or high school the opportunity to gain a proficient level of understanding so that they can communicate effectively when they enter the job market.  Best of all, because students are completing these tutorials and assignments outside of class, she does not have to teach these concepts in class.



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