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Howdy from Texas, Y'all!


I'm the new Computer Information Technology instructor at Altierus Career College in San Antonio.  So far, the overwhelming majority of our IT textbooks are from Cengage, so I look forward to participating here.

Valued Contributor

Welcome to the network! I know that you'll find the resources that Cengage offers to be quite helpful in your course content delivery. My field is criminal justice, so other than the cyber-security, and computer crimes aspects of computer science, I have limited knowledge of your field. That said, does your institution offer courses on app development, or is it mainly just traditional computer science content?


At any rate, welcome!



We do not teach app development, coding, or programming as of yet.  We may add something of the sort within a few years as we watch the demand develop.  I teach basic fundamentals that lead to students earning their CompTIA A+ certification so they can get their first entry-level positions in the computer field.  Along with that certification, I also teach content that prepares them for CompTIA Network+, Security+, and Linux+, CCENT, and a few MCSA certs.  We provide the students the exam voucher for A+, but they have to pay for subsequent certifications after they enter their new career paths, and make the decision for themselves based on which of the paths they take.